Dutch Vegetation Database (LVD)

Sampling event
最新版本 published by Wageningen Environmental Research on 7月 14, 2016 Wageningen Environmental Research

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The Dutch Vegetation Database (LVD) hosts information on all plant communities in the Netherlands. This substantial archive consists of over 600.000 recent and historic vegetation descriptions. The data provide information on more than 85 years of vegetation recording in various habitats covering terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems from natural, semi-natural as well as cultural landscapes.

We share our data openly with the philosophy that transparency and sharing are routes for rapid knowledge generation, cooperation, and capacity building. New collaborations are extremely valuable to make the most of the data. Researchers are more thus encouraged to contact the dataset owner to collaborate on joint analyses and meta-analyses.

Note the dataset can also be explored here: http://www.synbiosys.alterra.nl/lvd


此資源sampling event的資料已發佈為達爾文核心集檔案(DwC-A),其以一或多組資料表構成分享生物多樣性資料的標準格式。 核心資料表包含 658,800 筆紀錄。

此 IPT 存放資料以提供資料儲存庫服務。資料與資源的詮釋資料可由「下載」單元下載。「版本」表格列出此資源的其它公開版本,以便利追蹤其隨時間的變更。





Hennekens S (2015): Dutch Vegetation Database (LVD). v1.6. Alterra, Wageningen UR. Dataset/Samplingevent. http://doi.org/10.15468/ksqxep



此資料的發布者及權利單位為 Wageningen Environmental Research。 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY 4.0) License.


此資源已向GBIF註冊,並指定以下之GBIF UUID: 740df67d-5663-41a2-9d12-33ec33876c47。  Wageningen Environmental Research 發佈此資源,並經由Netherlands Biodiversity Information Facility同意向GBIF註冊成為資料發佈者。


Netherlands; Vegetation plots; Turboveg; Alterra; Plant communities; Dutch National Vegetation Database; Samplingevent




Stephan Hennekens
  • 元數據提供者
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Scientific researcher
Alterra, Wageningen UR


The Netherlands

界定座標範圍 緯度南界 經度西界 [48.458, 3.055], 緯度北界 經度東界 [56.342, 11.714]


The Dutch Vegetation Database (LVD) covers higher vascular plants, stoneworts, mosses and lichens. In only few cases mushrooms have been recorded.

Kingdom Plantae
Unranked Algae


起始日期 / 結束日期 1868-01-01 / 2015-11-11


More than 600,000 vegetation descriptions are included in this archive using more than 40 different vegetation abundance methods (cover scales). Information about all cover scales can be found here: http://codes.ndff.nl/codes.php?identity=http://ndff-ecogrid.nl/codes/scales/root

研究範圍 This dataset is an archive of more than 85 years of vegetation descriptions in various habitats in the Netherlands covering terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems from natural, semi-natural as well as cultural landscapes.
品質控管 The original archive was exported from Turboveg2 in DwC-A format. Data stored in Turboveg ensures that it gets stored in a standard format allowing the data to be easily managed, cleaned, and visualised. It also allows all abundance measurements to be standardised - this archive uses percentage coverage for all species abundance measurements.


  1. All data was imported into Turboveg2.
  2. All data was exported from Turboveg2 in DwC-A format. Turboveg2 ensures the location of threatened species listed on the Dutch Red list are obscured to a level of 5x5 km squares. More information about how Turboveg2 exports to DwC-A can be found in the Turboveg User Manual section 7.24 "Export to Darwin Core Archive": http://www.synbiosys.alterra.nl/turboveg/tvwin.pdf


The location of plots having at least one threatened species listed on the Dutch Red list have been obscured to a level of 5x5 km squares.

目的 The Dutch Vegetation Database (LVD) is used for many different purposes, e.g. vegetation classification, species trend analysis, providing distribution maps of plant communities and Natura 2000 habitat types. Part of the database (100.000 plots) is included in the European Vegetation Database (EVA; http://euroveg.org/eva-database).
替代的識別碼 740df67d-5663-41a2-9d12-33ec33876c47