EIA Data Repository

This IPT is hosted by GBIF Secretariat to assist open publication of biodiversity datasets derived from environmental impact assessments (EIA). These may include data from surveys carried out during the project planning phase as well as data captured during post-project monitoring and data derived from strategic environmental assessments (SEA). You can learn more about the types of data supported by GBIF and how to publish them. If your project is in a GBIF Participant country, you are encouraged to work with the respective GBIF node whose role is to coordinate national data mobilization activities, and may assist you to publish your data and provide data hosting facilities. This repository provides an additional option for the technical hosting of data.

The EIA Data Repository is provided as one of the recommendations of the project 'Unlocking Biodiversity Data from Environmental Impact Assessment', funded by the Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative (AGEDI) under the Eye on Earth Initiative.

If you have a dataset in digital format and would like help in publishing it, you may highlight it through the 'suggest a dataset' tool and filling out the form.

For more assistance, please contact the GBIF Helpdesk.

The Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT) is a free open source software tool written in Java that is used to publish and share biodiversity datasets through the GBIF network.